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Committed to making change in our community and yours

Hair Together CLG is a Social Enterprise based in Dublin and bringing our services nationwide.

We deliver personal development programmes that utilise hairdressing and barbering to stimulate creativity while creating a positive outlet for our students. With three Core Values starting with creating a Career Gateway, focusing throughout on positive Wellbeing practices and last but not least Sustainability being at the forefront for our product and tool choices.

Our courses are suitable for young and mature students as it introduces new career opportunities.

Throughout our programmes we promote positive wellbeing and practise different techniques throughout our classes. Participants leave with the skills to bring this to their daily lives.

We choose only environmentally safe and sustainable products to work with such as Kevin Murphy and Davines as their commitment to the environment mirrors our own. 

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Footage of what you can expect from a Hair Together programme.  We aim to provide an experience that will open your mind to more than just a career in the hair industry.  Learning in a fun, creative and experiential hands-on way.  An exciting introduction to what a career in hairdressing or barbering could be. 

This is not your average student experience!

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In line with industry trends, we bridge the gap between barbering and hairdressing.

During the barbering classes we teach the latest techniques where students get to experience the day-to-day skills needed to make it in the country’s top barbers.

Education on how to create the trending styles and what products you need to achieve this gives our students an edge, as understanding how to manipulate hair gives any style a top-quality finished look.  This is overseen by our Master Barber who has two successful Dublin Barbers and has many celebrity clients.

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Backstage Experience

During the styling classes we teach a new technique each week and students are encouraged to explore their creativity and take positive risks over the following days.

By experimenting and making the looks their own they are perfecting their skillset so that they can execute a catwalk look for the final showcase.  This is overseen by our CEO and Educator Eileen, who has styled many top fashion models at some of Europe’s biggest fashion events such as Paris Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Erki Moe Show in Estonia and more with the Kevin Murphy, International Session Styling Team.

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Well-being & Sustainability

At Hair Together we understand our wellbeing is impacted by many elements.  It's by taking a holistic view that we can begin to take in the bigger picture to make lasting positive change in our lives.  This model is known as the Eight Pillars of Holistic Wellness and includes:

Environment / Physical / Emotional / Financial / Intellectual / Social / Spiritual / Occupational

Our wellbeing practices are easily implemented into our daily lives.  Being an environmentally conscious organisation, the products we choose contain natural ingredients from sources that are sustainable and renewable and are harvested utilising methods that don't cause harm to the environment.  We teach participants the importance of looking after the world and promote habits that support this.  Also completing our programme with a new passion and drive for occupational success, Hair Together supports every participant to achieve their optimum Holistic Wellbeing goals.

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